Welded Construction
Tie Rod Construction
Multi Stage
Stroke Adjustment Reverse
* Cylinder Barrel Low crabon seamless tubes duly honed.
* Piston Rod EN - 8D / CK- 45 Bar grounded and hard chrome plated or induction coated.
* Piston Alloy steel with Bronze Coated.
* End Covers Mild steel
* Seals Busak - Shamban (Germany), Parker ( Germany )
Healite (U.K.), Murkel  Germany
DLI  -(England), Hunger (Germany), NOK (Japan)
Economos, (Australia), & etc. for high temperature Viton seals.
Stroke Adjustment Cylinder (Reverse & Forward)
Stroke Adjustment Cylinder (Forward)
Lifting Jacks,   Hand Pumps,   Hydro Motors,   Earth Moving Machinery,   Hydraulic Elevator   & Hydraulic Accessories.